While my program loading, I have a splash screen. After the program is done loading my Splash-screen closes and the main form (form1) shows (all good up to that point). But the problem is after the Splash-screen I cannot close form 1, nor can I move it. here is what have.

Startup Form:


as soon as I disable the splash screen, Form1 can close, minimize and move, but when i enable the Splash-screen it stops working.... any ideas?
( I am using vb.net 2010)

you must add this code on form load event of splach screen form


In the properties of your VB Project, there's one option called 'Splash screen'. There you should select your splash screen form, and then the splash screen functionality will be implemented. :)

Alexpap That is exactly what i did! and when form 2 shows.... i cannot control the window (close or move it )

Hey there,
I just created a sample project with one form and one splash screen. It seems to work just fine.

I have attached the project in order for you to check it :)

Hope it helps you.

What can i say, THANKS! problem solved.

No problem mate,
Glad i could help! :)