hi guys, im having some problems here.. i coded some visual basic codes on visual studio 2010, now my friend cannot view the in his visual studio 2008.. is there any method that can save it into compatible method, so my friend can view the codes also? thanks in advance..

Hi there,
I think that the the conversion is only one-way. This means that you can only see VB 2008 files from within Visual studio 2010, not vice versa.

Hey, I've had that same issue at my TAFE they have 2008 but i prefer to use 2010 at home, ive found one solution, but im still looking for a way to save it as a backward compatable file.
Apparently its only the solution file that 2008 cant read so what you can do is create a new project and import your forms or whatever in, this works, but its a real hassle..

According to the below website link, "The solution and project files may not have changed significantly when we view VS 2008 project in VS 2010, but the files that they reference have changed. For instance, if you have designer files in your project, even if you hand-edit the project and solution files to work with an older VS, the designer files will not work."

Check it & you will get answers to all your faqs regarding this matter.
Simran Kaur.

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