I have VB6 code which I inherited and modified to run an instrument and calculate information from the collected data. That code is distributed to many locations throughout my company, but the personnel at those locations are not skilled in adjusting settings. On older PCs, the instruments were connected to 9-pin serial ports. The newer PCs which my company is purchasing replace the 9-pin serial with USB ports. I use a USB-to-serial converter to connect the instrument. Can anyone provide VB6 code that will allow me to identify the comm port number of each USB-to-serial converter and find what instrument is attached to it?

I know the instruments and procedures well, but I am not skilled with minipulating VB6. I would very much appreciate some help.


I have tried to use USB to Serial converters withpout coding them and find them unreliable.

I therefore suggest you get your company to put serial cards in the new PCs. This means you have same code running on all machines, same cables, etc.

Best of luck


Thanks, but that may not be a possibility with current corporate IT directives.