Im creating a application in Microsoft access. I need to protect it with a license manager. I have built one but works from the computer. Whats i realy need is that i puplish my license database on the internet and in the application when you press active software it checks with the license code you have entered into the text box against the one on the internet. If it has been actived or no such key it says 'No such License key or key is alread activated'
And if key is real and not actrivated it says 'Licesne Activated, Please restart the application'

Could this be done in VBA?
Thank you

Yes, it is possible. Have a look at THIS link for a bit more information or search google with the key words "using remote web access in vba"

I thought the link provided answered your question. Give me more information on exactly what you want to achieve.

So the user opens the database it pop-ups with a form. In the table if the Reg box is ticked then the activated but goes. If not the activate button is active. When they press the activate form i want a form to come up and then they enter in a license key. Once they press the button it checks the url thats in the code to see if the license is vaild or alread active. If its not vaild or acitve then i want a message box shown. If its vaild then a message box say licesne activated and then enters in to the table on the local pc a tick in reg so that the activate button is not enabled on the startup form.
can this be done?
Thank you

I'll post a solution tomorrow morning. Shooting home now.:)