Hi all,

Please give me some inputs about my situation, because I know that you have more experience than me.

I have a program that is written in vb6, which is near to the completion.
I would like to start selling the program at the beginning of next year.

My question to you is:

1. how to protect it?

At this moment, I only use vb6 (via software and deployment wizard) to launch my installation package. I have incorporated a simple encryption by using their harddrive number. But will it be enough? What is the better way to create the installer?

2. can I put it "on the cloud"? (similar to salesforce.com)

The way my program works is, my client needs to install my program into their computer and use it offline. But is it possible to put it online? so my client won't need to install my program (which I assume will boost the software protection from the hacker), they just needs to login via the web.
If there is possible? what's the other thing that I need to do?

thanks a lot for your info :)

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This is a rough sample of an applications that will get your users to register the application with you.

thanks for the link, it is very informative :)

When I try to run it, it is keep on saying that I need to use registry add in to set a value to either HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE or HKEY_CURRENT_USER.
what is the meaning of this?

thanks a lot


I haven't used this in some years now. I'll run it and see where the error occur and will post a solution for you.


@Neosonic, please mark this thread as solved if you have managed to get a solution, found at the bottom of this page, thanks.:)

It has been open for some time now.


Hi Andre, sorry.. but I'm still stuck at this:

When I try to run it, it is keep on saying that I need to use registry add in to set a value to either HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE or HKEY_CURRENT_USER.

If I use installshield to create the installation, will they provide the algorithm to "protect" the program? Is it a good idea to use installshield? thanks


Installshield will not do any protection of your application, unfortunately. It all have to be done in your application itself. The only AND best way to do this is by using something similar to what I gave you. Writing and reading is however a bit more advanced than just normal coding. You will HAVE to read up more on this before you can use it. If you make any mistakes in your registry, you can mess up your entire system!!! Be careful. That is why I can not tell you what you need to enter as a registry value as the error you are receiving. You need to get more schooled in the subject first, sorry.:)


It was a pleasure. Once you get the basics of registry manipulation, coding really starts getting fun. Happy coding.:)

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