Good Day!

I need help. How to make back-up and restore point? what I want to happen is when I click the button back-up. It will generate a back-up of database in access on the current date. And if I click the button restore. the system will restore the last back-up point. So that when there is a file accidentally deleted, the system can retrieve it again. please help me with these. thank you.

You didn't mention what DB you're using.

Assuming SQL Server you need to make first a full backup (first restore point). After that you can create incremental or differential backups (next restore points). Instead of creating a backup/restore system of your own, use SQL Server's built-in backup/restore functionality which you can control from your app with T-SQL.

Whatever your DB system is, I suggest first checking DB's built-in backup/restore system and how you can control it from VB.NET.