Okay down to the niddy griddy.... I am creating an application where I can log into my social networking sites that I have accounts with and entering my new websites url's.

This is by no way spamming or anything since those type sites are designed accept new website urls.

I need to know which route I should take to create this app.

My app would be more like a script type of method....go to this page...click on this button...enter this text...click on this button, etc etc.

I now how to pass variables to the forms on the pages by using the GetElementby"" memember

What I don't know is I can tell the application to navigate to each page during the script.

Should I just use WebBroswer1.Navigate("http://mixx.com");

Need some help ASAP on how I can go about creating this application. I'm new to C# but I learn very quickly so if you can point me to the right direction I can figure it out.



Man that was spot on to what I've been searching high and low for about a month.

Thanks for the link..if I could I would give you a metal or something that's how excited I am right now.

you are quite welcome, I had to do an automated form submitter for a guy a while back and i scoured the net and that was my answer.