Hi everyone,

Is Google is launching New Social Networking site called Google's "social circle"?
I heard that Google is launching New Social Networking site called Google's "social circle" is this True?
Can anyone please tell about this?

This is still a rumor, probably a try by google to kill Facebook and If true, Google will soon launch a social network called "Google Circles" (as in social circles). in my opinion it is an updated version of the "Google Me" social network proposed last year. what I find about Google Social Circles is

According to the Silicon Valley rumor mill, Google Circles is a secret social networking project designed to bring control and clarity to what you're sharing and with whom. The idea would be that you would have multiple "Circles" -- call them "Immediate Family," "Extended Family," "Co-Workers," "Best Friends," "Old Friends" and so on. You could then designate everything you post according to which circle sees it.

I believe that still this news is rumor, as There isn't any media release from Google Media Center that they gone launch in Social Media web site or application in online world.

And I m complete agree with abelLazm that Google Circle is a secret social networking project. so we have to wait for real time media release.

Thanks for telling me about Google Social Circle, I haven't heard it before, thanks again.

It is only rumor nothing else.

They already had Orkut and we all know how it ended...
To challenge Facebook you need something professional. Why have people moved from Myspace and Hi5 to FB? That is the answer.

yes you are right affiliate7 orkut vanished just because of FB's professionalism and offers & functionality they are giving to their users

Other networks like Hi5 tried to catch up, with games and status messages, but it didn't felt the same. FB pages have less clutter and to many people they feel more professional, highly respected individuals have FB, not Hi5, Myspace or others, so people want to be associated with that.

i heard that they are trying to improve Google buzz in a year or so hope to see something good. plus i heard that buzz and yahoo has been collaborated they are trying to overcome Google we will see many major changes in search world real soon

I read somewhere that they are working on a new social feature named ’+1’and have plans to launched it on May. Read here to know more about the details.

yes google is adding a new button on its page that is "+1" it will just like the facebook's share button it is what I read about it

ohh ya ya ..i have heard this news about the google circles before a month.i dint see any further details about it.anyway if it comes ...damn sure it will be a big success .i was just wondering how it will be..!

I heard about google Circle too but Still there is no official news from google

Yes, this is completely a rumor...no official announcement yet on this.

I believe that Google users automatically using various application related with Google and they already have their social circle their. So if Google is really trying to build Google circle then it will be modification and updating old Google applications in new format.

it is all social networking war :D

wow i hope thats true. most of google products are awesome. we as consumer, enjoy!

Yes this is just a rumor. But if they do launch i don't see them beating facebook. Facebook is getting more popular and more powerful these days.

Its officially announced. It is called Google + Project! It is a combination of 5 things.

1. Google Circles
2. Hangouts
3. Instant Upload
4. Sparks
5. Huddle

You can read more about this on Google Official Blog

I just heard about this, thanks for the information.

Hi everyone,

Is Google is launching New Social Networking site called Google's "social circle"?
I heard that Google is launching New Social Networking site called Google's "social circle" is this True?
Can anyone please tell about this?

Its true and its beta has been created and lunched very soon ,
Google Social Search helps you discover relevant content from your social connections, a set of your online friends and contacts. Content from your friends and acquaintances is sometimes more relevant and meaningful to you than content from any random person.

See this link

Enjoy .........

Hi there! Google wants to make things right for them. I mean they aim to provide at least everyone's need: from being a search engine, they provided different software such as browser, OS, and this one as social media. I heard about it but there is no confirmation yet.

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