i want to convert a fie(document,excel,picture) to binary format using VB.Please how can i achieve this

what exactly you mean by binary format ?

You will firstly need to reference "MS Scripting Library"

The code will be something like -

Dim oPict As StdPicture 'Change this for other objects, formats etc...
    Dim sDir As String
    Dim sTempFile As String
    Dim iFileNum As Integer
    Dim lFileLength As Long
    Dim abBytes() As Byte
    Dim iCtr As Integer
    On Error GoTo ErrHandler
    sTempFile = FileGetTempName
    iFileNum = FreeFile
    Open sTempFile For Binary As #iFileNum
    lFileLength = LenB(adoRS(sFieldName))
    abBytes = adoRS(sFieldName).GetChunk(lFileLength)
    Put #iFileNum, , abBytes() 'This is the break down into bytes.
    Close #iFileNum

    oPictureControl.Picture = LoadPicture(sTempFile)
    Kill sTempFile
    Exit Function

debasisdas ~ binary format like using 0 and 1

andreRet ~ is it for image??

Yes it is for a picture/image. It works wonders if you want to break it into small byte chunks, especially for databases.