please help me. anyone know a way to make words from numbers in Access or VB?
> Example: 45 = forty five
> Example: 167 = one hundred sixty seven
> I would like to have a program that reads the number and turns it into words.

I have 2 Text box and one command button textbox1 u will input a number like "45" then after click the command button the output will display in textbox2 in words like this Fourty Five...

guys help me.. thank you in advance...

Thank Mr. Jx Man.. but is there a code that more simplier than that? co'z the code in that program is too far from my study... THANK YOU :D

What do yo expect a single line solution ?

The codes provided in the links is straight forward. It is lengthy because of long running IF and CASE statements.

i think there are simple enough..
my link and debasisdas link are same..
and like debasisdas said..the codes aren't complex..
just contains many if-else statment..

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Thank you Mr. debasisdas and Mr. Jx Man ... Sir.. How about using ASCII code?

@blueciel, you need to open a new thread with your question about Ascii. Mark this as solved, your question has been answered. We are trying to keep specific questions to specific solutions.:)