hi, im working on my graduation project which is a hotel reservation system.

i just want to know one thing, what are the contents for that project.
(system analysis, data base, visual basic).
is there any extra thing..
thanks for your help so much,, i really appreciate your reply

Visual Basic, .net, web based application. There are way too many to mention, all depends on what is required within the users criteria.

Databases, same thing. Access is too small for more than 5 users, which leaves you with MySql, Oracle, MS Sql. MySql is freeware, the most used db in the world.

Contents again depends all on the requirements from the user.

before you jump into database or any coding the very first step is requirement analysis.

1. gather the requirement.
2. Plan a solution.
3. decide on front end/ database / system specs etc..
4. Design the DB.
5. Design the application.
6. Test it for proper functionality
7. .....
8. .......

and always need to have have a plan B.

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