hello all, i really hope you can help me.
im trying to get a list of customers which are in my database to show up in a combo box but with the code i currently have, it only shows the last record that was entered

With Me.Combo1
.AddItem rs.Fields("CustomerFirstName")
Loop Until rs.EOF
End With

under form load^^
using sql
thanks, much help would be appreciated

Do Until rs.EOF = True
    Combo1.AddItem rs!CustomerFirstName
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if you use rs.MoveLast

you will always get only one (the last) record.

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thanks for response but when i try that code, is says "invalid use of null". do i put the code under form load?

i have tried changing it to movefirst and various other things but still does not work

dont worry solved it myself, i stupidly had movefirst when i click save and that created a blank line in the database