how to combine this 2 statment..

IsConnected("Select * from manager_table", False)
        Call Loader()
IsConnected("Select * from Clerk_table", False)

 Call Loader()

i hve 2 listview, 2 table from accessdatabase..i put listview in tabcontrol..1 in tab 1 & second in tab 2...

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You need to join both the tables using SQL if tables are related.

Why two separate tables for managers and clerks ?


to preview data in access table in listview...

IsConnected("Select * from clerk_table", False)
Call Loader()this for cerk listview

IsConnected("Select * from manager_table", False)
Call Loader() this for manager listview

i can't put both code in same load form bcause i will get error or nothing hppen...


what error? can u post your Loader code?
Are you want to preview clerk and manager in one listview or preview on each listview?
As debasisdas said if you want to show both of them in one listview then you need to join using SQL.

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