Hi, I'm looking to write a program that sets and gets responses using SNMPv1. I will be using Borland Delphi v7 or 8.

I have been using PERL prior to looking at Delphi but I have had problems setting two OID's and sending them in the same packet rather then sending one and waiting for a response before setting the next (much like a getbulk which is all sent and recieved in a single packet).

So I'm looking for some advice on setting up delphi:
1) What additional addons if any need to be installed to support SNMPv1?
2) Does anyone know of any sample code for sending set and get requests especially setting two OID's at the same time and sending them in the same packet?

Delphi should come with Indy, that has an SNMP component. Don't know if it supports what you need.