When formatted text is pasted from MSWord to a TRichEdit control, the bullets are well formatted (on the display) but after;

Fetching the rtf data from the TRichEdit control using TStringStream,
Saving the stream's DataString to a database and then
Loading the saved rtf string back to the TRichEdit control
The bullets are being formatted as fullstops

Using Delphi 7, Windows xp, msftedit.dll for RichEdit

Please assist

Set the PlainText property to false, then
or use a TMemoryStream not a TStringStream.

I found that by changing the font charset to ANSI_Charset it is possible to retain the formatting but the moment I change the font Name to "Times New Roman" and the font size to "11" the formatting for the bullets gets lost

What is the relation of the Charset and the font name since changing the font name seems to change the way the bullets are being interprated

The bullet is a specific character in the font. You can find it if you look in Windows charmap.