'why is that when i change something on one form, when i ran the program,the changes i made don't seem to take effect?

example, i set a button's visibility to false, when i ran that form, the button still appears. even if i already saved it before running
i already tried to saved, then close the project then open it again.. what happened to my project??

please help..i need to change something on my code..but how can i test it if this will not take effect whenever i ran the program??? T_T

im using visual studio 2010
tnx in advance..

The first thing that comes to mind is to check if anything in your code is setting the button state to visible. If you find any code that does this then set a breakpoint at that line and rerun.

I got a same problem but i found out that my Visual Studio Setup has encountered an error. Make a backup of your project,uninstall your visual studio and try to install it again. if still there's a problem, i think you have to change your installation setup.
Sometimes.. the problem is in the OS so check also your OS. hOpe this helps.

Check your form intializing components you will find the error

hey everybody thanks for the suggestions but i solved it..
all i did was rebuild the solution before running it.thanks.