I have an assignment which is asking me to complate some Mastermind game code
I'm gven most of the code and there is one sub that i do not understand what it asking for

it says

 Private Function createColourString(ByVal gb As GroupBox) As String
    ' For the groupbox gb, which must be one of the guess 
    ' groupboxes or the master groupbox, create a string 
    ' representing the colors of the command buttons it 
    ' contains. The string consists of the letters B (black), 
    ' R (red), b (blue), G (green), Y (yellow), W (white) 
    ' in the correct order.
    ' Used in Click event of Check It button.
    ' ************************
    ' * Student writes this. *
    ' ************************

I do not understand what I should do

What kind of controls do these boxes contain? For a Mastermind game, I'd guess they're probably radio buttons, but it's better to be sure.