I need to develop a asp.net web application. I'm using Visual Studio 2010.

I need to be able to save a file in specific folder using this application, how do i do it?

Also, is there something like when I click on a button another web page appears
(something like in windows forms when I click on a button another form appears)

As you can see I'm new to this, so sorry if my questions seem a bit ridiculous

When you say "save a file", do you mean a file that has been uploaded to the web page?
Are you using a file upload control?
If so, you call SaveAs() to store the uploaded file in a particular location,

FileUpload fu = new FileUpload();



Also, how can I load another web form after a button click,
I can't use redirect because I want to transfer some data to the form
Is there something like form.showDialog() for web forms?

Are you familiar with the asp:PlaceHolder?

You can add controls to a placeholder that will use the variables you have stored.