I am new to software development and need to develop a VB software for one of my projects. **I want to know how can I copy a form created in a project to another. **

I have copied the form from the old project and tried to paste it in to the new project. But I was failed. I have read one of the answer which have given regarding to another one's question. But unfortunately I am not in the standard to acquire the way I could do it.

Can you please instruct me to do this?

There is several ways to copy a form from one project to another. The Best way is to open the project you are going to add the copy to, then Select "Projects" from the menu for Visual Studio, then from "Projects" select "Add Existing Item". This will bring up an explore window where you can navigate to your project that contains the form you want to add. In the project folder there will be three files for each of the forms in that project. Find the name of the form you want to add and select this file. An example of the form files would be Form1.vb, Form1.Designer.vb, and Form1.resx. The file you want to select using the example names would be Form1.vb.