im using many textboxes one button and one datagridview, i want for example, textbox1.text to be shown i first row of column one, textbox2.text to be shown on first row of column2 and so one ... when i press button1. after i press button1, textboxes to be clean and to be able to write other things in those textboxes, but the textboxes text to be shown in second row of every column and so on... im using visual basic 2008

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Do you know how to load a value into datagrid row1 col1?

Just load the .text of the textbox into the location you need with an =

I have 3 text box.
when i click button that time all 3 textbox textvalue to add in data gridview in

Can you use DataGridView.rows(row_number).cells(cell_number).value = TextBox1.Text?

Just repeat that for each cell you want to put information into?

Hope it helps :)

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