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Discussion on Cybercafe Managment System - Project.
I am in student in IT Eng.
and i am woking on project for developing a Cybercafe Managment System.
So, i am taking a reference of "handycafe" software.
But i need more details on this concept.
About which features i can add,what type of module is need,which approach i can follow etc.....

-> I know i not giving you much details here about this project so sorry about that.
-> I appreciate any theoretical data about my project you provide so Thanks in advance....

If you have a specific question perhaps we can help but we are not going to do your research for you.

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I am not asking to do research either i am just asking for opinian about project.
because i want to gether much data as i can about this project for get best results.
and this is my first project...........
so i am hoping some tip's from experience people from here.

So far I haven't seen any effort on your part other than the effort it took to type in the post.

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I gather this data for my project.
i prepare this for documentation.


   Presently, most of the functions in the Cyber cafés are done manually. Even though there are LAN connections and an administrator system, an automated system is not introduced. The owner records the details of the clients, login and logout time, cabin and has to calculate the amount. All these details are written in book. Also there is no special system to allocate cabins efficiently. The owner also has to calculate the total income of a day. The present system has following limitations:

   * Limitations in report generations
   * Manual recording consumes excess time
   * Chances of error
   * Difficulty in allocating cabins
   * The retrieval of information regarding a client is time consuming
   * Lack of billing system and manual calculation of daily income
   * Repeated recording of frequent user details


   Now a day’s use of computer and internet is become more and more common. But internet facility is not every person can afford it personally. So, they use cybercafé frequently.

   Cybercafé provides internet facility to all general public. That’s why it is necessary to control their activities according to cyber café law provided by government.

   This is hard to archive by one person manually. In the present scenario the café owner keeps a paper book to keep track of user details. Manual processing of data is always time consuming and may commit more errors. There is much difficulty in allocating cabins to the users. Further reference to the user details is time consuming. Accuracy of such data makes the system unreliable and inefficient.

   Also in manual process café owner is not able to control user activity and cant sure of computer security. And time management is not accurate so because of this café owner is suffer loss in business. 


   As we know computer is very fast and accurate device. So we can use this characteristic of computer to overcome all problem of existing system.Like :- time consuming process, chances of error, unreliable billing system, daily profit calculation, unable to generate good reports, inaccurate time management etc….

   The probable solution of this project is to develop a computer application that can overcome all problem of existing system. That type of application can be developed using different approaches.

   1.Using solo application
    One way is to create a solo application for individual client. In this approach each client application handles their own pc individually. They don’t interact with each other and so owner has to create account of particular user in particular pc. This type of system is not much effective then existing system.

   2.Using client – server application      
    One of the other approach is to use client - server mechanism. In this mechanism one pc is act as a server and all other pc is act as a client connected to server vie LAN network. And server pc is provides central administrator facility to the user or admin. Using this approach owner of cyber café is able to control all their client pc from his server pc. And also all data is stored in server so there is no need to store data individually. Using this approach most of all problem of existing system can be overcome.

i am going to use client – server application.
Front end:VB.NET
Back end:MS Access

Some facilities i want to put in this software.

  • Creating member accounts from server.
  • Loging and logout from client side.
  • timer for calculate internet use.and charge member accordingly.
  • Monitoring & basic control of Client Computers from server
  • Print Tracking to charge member for print.
  • Detailed Report generating.
  • internet security like block websites.
  • Backup database.

-> this is all info i have right now.
-> i am not doing implementation of this project.right now i am just collecting data.
-> please correct me if somewhere i am going wrong because i am new in this.
i appreciate you help.

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I used code snippet to copy my document and make this mash so sorry about that.