Can you please suggest me some 3rd party C++ libraries like RogueWave SourcePro C++.

Thanks in advance,

Amit M.

There are too many to list them all, especially without a more definite idea of what you are actually looking for. The Boost libraries are probably a good first stop. For the rest, you'll have to tell us what features or particular application domain you are looking at (and RogueWave SourcePro C++ seems pretty general, like Boost).

Thaks Mike for your response.

I want to use the following functionalities,

  1. Database handling,
  2. Thread handling,
  3. STL & collections,
  4. String manipulation,
  5. Date time manipulation, etc.

Another important thing I want to mentioned that the library should be compatible with most of the available OS platforms like Windows, Solaris, AIX, HP, Linux, etc.

Thanks & Regards
Amit M.

I think that boost will do all of these, except the database handling. For that you could use a specific library (although I don't have any suggestions).

You could also think about using Qt, it has cross-platfom support for all the things you mentioned.

Thread handling,
STL & collections,
String manipulation,
Date time manipulation, etc.

You don't even need an external library for these things. The new C++ standard (C++11) has all these features as part of the standard library. You have to get bleeding-edge compilers to use it. Otherwise, the Boost libraries provide all those functionalities and more as well:

  1. Thread handling: Use Boost.Thread or standard <thread>
  2. STL & Collections: Use the STL, with add-ons like Boost.Algorithm, Boost.Container, and many others.
  3. String manipulation: Use standard libraries like <string>, <regex>, and <algorithm>, or Boost libraries like Tokenizer, Spirit, or Regex.
  4. Date time manipulation: Use the standard <chrono> library, or Boost libraries like Chrono or Date-time.

All of the above are entirely cross-platform.

Database handling,

That's a whole different story. There are a number of different database server types and protocols, and that's really not my field, so I don't know what to recommend. Certainly, none of the above-mentioned libraries do that.