Is it bad for a program to have so many resources loaded on the project? I am planning to add some for the project but this thought crossed my mind. Also, I have other forms that have a backround image and I really felt it slowing down while working on Design time. Any suggestions?

Yeah it is not so good to have too much images. But you can use meaning full and most relavent to your topics. You shoud use proper and well informatic content.

It really will depend on the minimum PC configuration you want it to run on. The more resources you add, expecially images, the more overhead your software will have. Unless you really need hi def content, lower resolutions will allow more images bofore it starts to signifiacntly slow it down. Also if you have several forms in your project, always keep the bare minimum open and try to close instead of hide whenever you can. It's all a balncing act, mostly resolved through trial and error.

in case if you have to use lots of images then reduce the size and resolution of images . then set the strech property of your image.


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