I am implementing an applicaiton which uses CPU but having a problem about allocating in GPU memory.

Above all, my work environment is
Windows 7
Visual Studio 2010
NVIDIA Quadro NVS 290 (256MB)

When I run a piece of CUDA code:

cudaMemGetInfo(&freeMem, &totalMem);

I get 256MB of total memory and only 3-10MB of free memory. Because there is not much free space, my application can't successfully allocate in GPU memory mostly - outOfMemory error keeps being thrown. After crazy googling, I found out Windows 7 already allocated about 95% of GPU memory for its theme manager and others.But I could not find how to increase free GPU memory space.

Deos anyone know about this issue?
Please give me some advices

classic window theme gave me 180MB of memory space :S