So i bought a new 22" LCD - LED backlit - monitor for my new buiild, and i'm facing a horrible case of buyer's remorse...

So the problem with this monitor is that:
1) Not much information on it on the web - makes me suspicious
2) Not a very attractive bezel
3) No HDMI (Not a major problem)
4) I don't know if it's the best for it's price
5) NO HOTKEYS ! It's a big issue for me since sometimes i likee the screen bright, and sometimes i don't

I just need someone who knows how monitor's work to confirm that my purchase is good or not. I still have time to go exchange the monitor. My options are:

  • To keep the LG Monitor
  • Asus VS228H-P
  • Anything else up to $150

Also some information regarding the benefits of IPS would be good! Thanks.

Did you say this is a LG (Lucky Goldstar) monitor? If so, they are generally of good quality. Many monitors (vs TVs) don't have HDMI interfaces, but do have DVI. As for hotkeys, what do you mean by that. I have dual DELL displays on my system, and they do have buttons for some functions like brightness, contrast, alignment (not needed for DVI, but needed for VGA), etc. In any case, there should be some sort of button to bring up a display configuration menu in order to set default color balance, brightness, etc.

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