We want to run an experiment in our lab on ATM, we just want to keep it simple and easy, So far I've just created the two forms and since I've discorvered that most of the ATM's are running a Windows OS which I saw it in one garage so I just decided to start this experiment to see if it is really posible to run a Windows Application form project on an ATM but the problem with the ATM is It screen they use a special small screen to secure and they also use the special keyboard so my main question is just two buttens only, on my project I've used

If my.computer.keyboard = CRLDown Then

So what I want is that I want to change the CRLDown because the ATM has Clear, Cansel and Enter here I want to change that to Cansel so the code should be something like:If CanselDown Then but I want it to also have a number like If the Cansel is pressed 5 times in a row with no pause biger then 5 seconds between then I will carry on with my project from there, and also there is a TextBox so because the ATM doesn't have the mouse unless you have open it inside and plug your own so I want it to detect the enter key once I've typed on the textbox then when I press enter I want it to perform the withdrawal task which will withdrawals the amount being entered on the textbox and once that is done it can exit. Any one who can help me in these two problems please, my main problem is calling these special keys on this special keyboard because it unlike the QWERTY keyboard that we use on our laptop's and computers.

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