IF I wanted to change the text inside of a RichTextBox on the click of a button. What code do I need?
So far I have:

Private Sub Button1_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click

RichTextBox1.Text(???? What goes here? because I'm getting Property access must assign to the property or use its value)

End Sub

End Class

That depends on what, specifically you want to do. If you want to implement a search-and-replace feature where the user enters the text to search for and the replacement text then you do it one way. If you want to allow the user to select a block of text and replace it with some other text then you do it another way. Please give us some more details.

I just want to replace the text inside the text box with different text when the button gets clicked.

Thanks. I appreciate it! If I wanted to enter a line feed what would I need to do
EDIT -- Nevermind I figured that one out -- What if I wanted to load a RTF file and display in the RichTextBox.


will do the trick.