I have been trying to start asm programming for a long time now. But having some problems. MY main system is windows so I cant use int and dont want to use the win32 api or call c functions.

So I read that you get a x86 simulator. If I understand correctly, you can type your asm code (with int and without system libraries) then that assembler will compile it and run it (simulate it) so even if you are on windows system you can then use cpu int etc...

No my only question is: what is a good x86 (free) simulator that runs on windows?
I am currently using emu8086 but would like some other options.

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Have a look here?

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Have a look here?

Run Linux in a virtual machine on your Windows system and install nasm. From the nasm man page: nasm - the Netwide Assembler, a portable 80x86 assembler

You can download/install the VirtualBox virtual machine manager, and then install any number of Linux distributions on that. Each virtual machine will be a virtual x86 computer, so you can learn the do assembler programming to your heart's content, and not mung your host system.

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