While going through the Publishing process, I'm encountering some odd behaviur. I select my path to publish as my desktop of the computer I'm writing the code on:


In the next window, I select "no web updates"

Next it gives me a "read only" window with a web-like path:

The application will be published to:

I then hit the "finish" button and it either hangs or gives me a browser window saying "The webpage could not be found". What the heck is happening, any ideas? I admit I'm a long-time VB6 user and kinda new to .net so I don't know if this is part of the learning curve or not. Sometimes the exe and installer DO appear on the desktop after the error message, sometimes not.



The webpage that you see is a click once deployment page giving you a summary of the application and an install button correct?

You can turn the page off in the My Project > Deployement > Options > Deployement dialog.

See if this fixes your problem.