i am thinking of developing a very basic search engine with minimalised capabilities for my final year project. I dont have exposure to scripting languages until now. My imagery skills are so good as i am able to simulate the full workflow of the search system both in my mind and in the paper. My networking skills are below par. Is it feasible to go on with the development of the system or should i just switch over to application development. I need ideas for my final year project. I can code in C,C++ and java. Novice in algorithms. and sorry for my lengthier question.

If I would aim for anything for a search engine, I would design one that either you yourself could use or someone you know could use to make your life easier. For example, if you like cars, create a search engine for cars made in 2013. Just an idea. ^^

thats helpful.But how long will it take in average to code all the modules and is it really "do"-able by a novice programmer like me? How many hours do i have to invest in to learn and code this?

If you're able to learn some HTML and SQL, you may be in good hands.