Hi Dw

I'm trying to detect the harmful files, this is the well known harmful files so now I've tried to scan and delete the files but the problems are:
(1)- After the file has been removed (deleted) after a few more minutes it appears again so what I want is to trace back the original file to find out where it reside and delete it from it source and then delete the short cut.

(2)- If let say I want it to detect the files in which I don't want to specify it full name because in another USB it will be another name so if I say I want it to detect the files ending with this extension it does not detect I've tried writing this in many ways but it does not detect anything if let say I will do something like: "F:/.lnk" 'F' is the drive and '.lnk' is the file I want to detect. Will just post the simple file search method I've used.:

Dim file As Boolean = My.Computer.FileSystem.FileExists("F:\tfs4_160.lnk")
If (file = true) Then
MsgBox("Found a file and has been deleted")
' Do nothing

I've just managed to search the files without putting the full name just by extensions now the remaining part is that of tracing the original file where it resides and permanently delete it and it shortcut