Hi every one,I am completed Dot net training in chennai.Can any one tell me some recent VB.NET interview questions.


I take it you are starting out in the world of programming. If so, you wont be asked too many questions on experience but just in case have a few examples rehearsed of any projects you worked on in your course. When answering questions of this type, always try to answer using the STAR technique:

Situation - background to the story
Task - What needed to be done
Action - What you did to resolve
Results - What was the end result

If they ask you about something you have no experience with, don't make up something just answer that you haven't encountered it but in that situation you would do...

Now the majority of the questions are likely to be technical if your starting out - if your not sure ask for clarification on what they are asking.

You should take a look at the job specification before the interview to figure out what areas they are interested in.

For example, if they say in the job spec about interacting with databases brush up on your SQL and ADO / OLEDB...