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I'm currently doing a research in how to create a system application file, the program that I'm creating will be visible to screen only when it has been called by the user other then that it will be running but doing nothing other then waiting to be called. So what I'm having a problem with is how to make a system application in VB.NET I want to publish it as a system file and when it installs it can install as system file because I don't want it to be visible at Installed programs tray or explorer just like the system file for example if you will remember your computer when you bought it, when you turned it on without installing any application and go to 'Control Pane -> Uninstal program' the explorer will have nothing because there are no applications that are currently installed but note that the system files(applications) are there in a computer running but they are not shown to this explorer so what I want is to make my application be that type of system file which is not displayed under the installed application, I've came across with this code snap and this code change the text file to system file but what I want is to make this program I've creating a system file not other external file but it self.
Anyone know how I can go about doing so?

Dim attribute As System.IO.FileAttributes = IO.FileAttributes.System

sorry for not formatting the codes I'm using a phone at the format panel is not visible here.

Thank you.

Thank you I've looked at that link with that walkthrough it sound like what I'm looking for indeed so is it also possible to set the Hide Attribute on this type of application? And also the tutorial talked about:
To uninstall your service
1. On the Start menu or Start Page, open the
shortcut menu for Developer Command
Prompt, and then choose Run As
Administrator. I'm kinder get lost when they say open the shortcut menu for Developer Command Prompt, are they referring to the normal command prompt or? That where I got lost and decided to ask first than try it out.

Thank you.

I think it's just the normal Command Prompt window.

Ok thank you, will mark this thread answered now.