Hi Dw I'm glad to find one active VB forum for the old VB I used to get the solutions in .NET and I'm also a .NET developer but had got a problem the computer that I'm creating this application for is using old Windows OS such as XP and the most of them uses Windows 2000 so the .NET application is not supported so I'm recreating this application in VB 5.0.

The program is simple it just execute a jar (java) file using a console and wait for the user to choose the exit option which closes the whole console so here is how to call it manually in a cmd.exe
Java.exe -jar c:\test/dist/test.jar
That is all I want to call so is there anyone know how can I, I'm sorry but as I've said I'm a .NET developer I don't know how to start or where to start in VB5.0 so your help will be appreciated.

Thank you.

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Well I've just managed to solve this problem I've used this
Call Shell("Java.exe -jar c:\test/dist/test.jar") and it debugged well Thanks to my self for this.

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