Seems this wouldnt be too hard, but I'm scratiching my head bald...

I have multiple workbooks. They are all housed in the same folder.

WBa, WBb, WBc.

I need to combine these, (or at least a Worksheet from each) and have them tally a certain column, which seems easy enough, however, people are constantly adding to this folder, so either a manual daily, or dynamic tally would be ideal.

Is there an easier way to do this in Excel? Is there a quick VB script for this?


Hello Jimmy_1,
Just want to ask a few questions. From each of the worksheets how many Columns are you totaling and Are you Creating a new Worksheet in a new workbook from the others or do you just need the totals of the columns?

For the Daily run you could set a Scheduled Task of your project executable so that's not a problem.