.i'm dave and i'm working with some receiving and m0nitoring system like.,i develop a system but it is a individual machine or a stand alone system,which means it w0rks only on a single pc,.my problem is i want to convert it to be a client server system which i can access the database from other pc?some f0rums says that i need to use SSMS,but don't know to use it?can anyone help me and lead me to a tut0rial?
.h0ping 4 ur suggestion .thanks.
.by the way.sorry for my bad english,hope you understand my problem :)

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.can anyone help me here?

If all you want to do is access a database on another computer then you don't need client/server software. In the connection string put in the IP address of the computer that hosts the database. "Data Source=xxx.xxx.xxx" replacing the xs with the actual ip address. Here is a link for more info.

You might have to make sure the port on the computer hosting the database is not blocked by it's firewall.

thanks,its helps me a l0t.
.my second question is.i'm ung SSMSE.but i didn't know how to configure it?

have you googled for tutorials?

I've already done all the suggested solution.

-went to sql configuration and changed the port
-disabled the firewall of eset
-changed the permission of sql management studio

after doing all those, yet it does not work.

i'm using windows 7 ultimate and eset 7

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