Hello noob here. I'm doing a program where we are campground managers and in the third form do campground housing

I'm stuck in the final part of the third form where we must take the inputs of both list and be able to add and remove occupancy.

Cabins Occupants
Cabin A 8
Cabin B 4
Cabin C 3
Cabin D 4
Cabin E 5
Cabin F 4
Cabin G 3
Cabin H 6

I have been trying a InputBox

          Dim AddCabin As String
        Dim AddPeople As Integer
                AddCabin = InputBox("Designate Cabin:", "New Cabin Designation")

        AddPeople = InputBox("Add People:", "New Residents")

but I can only add it one line at a time and another problem with this is the cabins and people must be on the same line or else it will be off. An additional req is there can be no more than 50 people at the grounds at all time, but I think I got that covered in an IF statement.

My issue is wondering if theres any way I can link these values of each list box together so I can, for example, Add 5 People To Cabin B and/or Subtract 1 Person From Cabin G by button or input box or something???

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Your first issue is being able to clearly describe the problem that you are trying to solve (the reason for creating the program or the immediate issue you are trying to solve). "we must take the inputs of both list..." What "list"?

You either need to narrow down the problem you are asking for help with, or give more details about the entire problem (program) so we can try to figure out what you are trying to do.

If you aren't able to clearly describe the problem you will never be able to solve it. Also, no one else will be able to help you.

If you know how to create your own forms, why are you using "InputBox" for input? Create a form with appropriate controls (textbox, combobox, richtextbox, etc...) to get the data from the user.

I figured out how to do it with an array, sorry it was a confusingly worded problem.

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