Hye. i need to build an inventory system.

In that system, the production department will scan the barcode in each item.

**How should i connect the barcode scanner with the system ?


the requirement of the system is to be able to compare the information scanned with the ordered item which is retrieve from database.

how should i compare it?

any of you can help me with your brilliant idea ? fyi, i think i will use microsoft access as the database and Visual Basic as the UI. btw, i am still noobies about VB.

Thank you for your kindness :)

A barcode scanner is basically a Human Interface Device(HID) the same as a keyboard. When a barcode is scanned it should return a string the same as if you typed it in. Each item in the database should have a unique id code which will be represented by the barcode. If you only want an alpha-numeric code, code 128 will work, though I'm sure there are others. You might want to think about how portable the system will be. Will everything be working off a desktop or will there be a need for people to scan product away from the desktop? You might want to look at whether your code will work on portable devices.

There will be the people scan product away from the desktop and the information from the barcode will appear at the desktop. how can i solve this ?

You'll need software that can work on both a desktop and a handheld scanner, either in one language, if you use a scanner based on Windows CE, or in different languages. You might want to look at several of the open-source software packages that are available. A simple internet search will help there.

is it okay if i use VB.net? and my supervisor need the system will produce report. i think crystal report should be okay aite ? i really need your opinion. thank you :)

If they use scanners that are windows based then you should be OK with VB.net. I haven't used Crystal Reports much but you should be ok as long as you don't require anything too fancy or complicated.

if you don't mind, would you share with me any website that have an example of inventory system that use barcode with VB.net and M.Access as the database?


You're welcome. Please remember to mark this solved. Thanks.