Helo, i'm Qaff.
i want some advice from system developer about the system that i want to create.
this system is only about sales transaction which involve daily sales records and online order.
what i means about daily sales record is when custumer buy something from our shop, we can scan the item through bar-code and the data of the item will directly link to record in sales transaction and financial statement. After record the transactions, the system automaticly create receipt for customer.
Besides, we have online order which is customer order directly through our website and the data will directly give notification to this system and then we will make confirmation from customer, the data create invoice to customer meanwhile the system record all the transaction. the customer will bring the invoice, we will check the invoice number through the system. when the customer pay their order, cash receipt will be print out.

if you have any question, if you dont understand about our system, be free to ask me. i will explain more clear.

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How far do you go?

it is just my course project. i just plan to do it and i need your advise about this system in four factors which is in
1 )economic
-how much the cost involved to build this system ?
-do you think the cost to build this system is cheaper than existing/current system.?
-what is the constraint(activities) to build this sytem?
-the timeframe for the completion of this system ?
-the probability of the project to be completed within it schedule time limits by a plannned due date?
-does the organization have access to people who can design,implement, and operate this system?
-do you think ,there is an existing technology can be use to implement and develop this system?

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