Hi members
I need some help over here. trying to make a software who send free msg to phone (messages of type like "you have 2 days left for payments)
I made a similar website like this with www.send-free-texts.com (on vb)
but it need a verification with captcha code.
I want to remove it because want to make it automated.

can you help me somehow?

This will require one of the two,(1) a deep knowledge and understanding of VOIP, with this knowledge you will be able to develop your our SDK or instead of developing an SDK you will just create relevant classes and use it within your app, or
(2) You will need a third party SDK, there are so many SDKs out there, the reason why you need this is because there is a lot of complexity on the project you are trying to develop because it will have to map or be able to use the E212 and other E.tables, the most available SDKs like the Ozeki SDK gives you a free 30 days trial and they come with a source code on how to incorporate it or how to use it within your software, www.ozekisms.com/index.php?owpn=587

Here is another post which I think follows the VOIP because the numbering and mapping is the same so I think it mite help. But I guess you will have to dig more research on your local service providers to see if they did follow this type of mapping. www.codeproject.com/Articles/15299/Send-a-Text-Message-to-a-Cell-Phone-from-a-VB-NET

that from ozekisms isnt working. I download even their example and it did not work.

Did you read the guide? Also you can google there are other SDKs that you can also use instead of OZEKI. But Ozeki also provides with customer care so you should contact them and they will guide you on how to setup your computer to be able to send out SMSs. There is another software called wise:sip which is sort of a full voip network operator you can download, you will need the VMware, Linux OS, then you can create accounts there and then use the info from there to your VB app with that you will send sms's as if you are sending emails but the sip:wise will translate and deliver it to the destination. This require a bit knowledge on VOIP as well as Networking.