hello. recently Im having this error. Why is this?

why is that?

PS: after enter a 2nd person in the database it has imported and the first person in. Sometimes when import the data fast, it upload the person, if it take for a while (~40 seconds or more) it show that error on the picture.

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I think maybe the command is too long so it need to cut the edges. I think it my also help if you could post the code as well.

this is the code for access database :P


there are and many other lines of code to import people but are for SQL server

This error message means you are trying to insert or update data which is too long.

Eg trying to enter "Dave" into a database column defined as only being 3 characters in length.

Decrease your data or increase your column width.

I changed nothing and somehow this work. Im scared now!
it working well now.. Im so confused
but thanks Dave for all the help you give me all this time

I change the column data type on access database from short text to long text. still got nothing. the some error

I thought the problem was something else. I was just selfish. My mistake

when enter a word with more than 10 characters
exammple: AltjenBerberi it doesnt upload. show that error
if import AltjenBerb it upload it (have 10)

I did not understand for what database you told me.
I said for microsoft access because I thought the problem was there
but you meant for SQL. I changed the Data type from nchar(10) to nvchar(50) now it allows me to add data. problem fixed now I guess. :)

yea. looks like it was my bad. I misunderstood it

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