how to Auto Reply pm in Yahoo Messenger in

zakn, it seems that you created 5 posts with one-line question in each one that actually are about the same project, that you probably didn't search about at all.
If you really want our help, you should create only one post explaining what you're really trying to do, what you already was able to do and what you have difficult doing.
If you think we are going to give you pieces of code for each of yours "homework questions", you're quite wrong.
If you really want help, act like it.

AleMonteiro , it doesnt seem i have created 5 posts
with one-line question in each one that actually are NOT about the same project.

as of search , didnt find any proper example so post here any problem ?

only 2 post are related to yahoo, so? had to post diff as both are different question.

first of all it is a forum for vb were user ask question , so no user has to act for any help, it is understood.

if you cant understand or cant answer kindly ignore the user or the post or move along , rather than postin your frustrated aunty explaination.

Alright, I might got a detail wrong, but 5 one-line posts for someone with 5 posts, it's pretty weird in my opnion.

Nontheless, hope u get ur answers.

I strongly suggest you read this. It's titled Please Rest This Before Posting for a reason. Point 2 says, in part

Create a meaningful title for your question.

Your thread titles are


None of these titles in any way gives any useful information on the nature of the question. I can't speak for anyone else, but I tend to look at the interesting questions first. I figure that if you can't put any effort into asking the question then I can't be bothered to make the effort to answer it. Judging by your geographical location and your previous post I assume that English is your first language. Surely you can take the time to write

  • a meaningful title
  • a coherent question
commented: you're so paciente and toughtful ^^ +0