Hi all, I'm very new to software development. My main area is HTML/PHP/JavaScript, but have done a bit of C# before. I don't believe the idea I have is suited for a web development option, so am looking for ideas / a starting point for a solution to the below scenario.


  • Company A has a stand at a trade show and they want to make use of a digital solution to display their products. Most likely this will be a tv screen with a computer acting as the video output.

  • Company A would like images of their products to display on the screen.

  • But, when they get talking to a customer, they would like to walk them through a series of linear slides in combination with their sales pitch.

  • At this point, the loop slide show would stop and a new, linear slide show would begin. At the end of that linear show, the loop would begin again.

The Company A sales reps could ideally use a bluetooth clicker to signal the linear slideshow to begin, and to navigate through it.

I can't imagine creating a linear slideshow would be all that difficult. However, if this was a website I would use JavaScript to create some cool moving effects with the images... not sure what I would use as an alternative programming language.

Could anyone point me in the right direction / offer any advice how this might be achievable?

Many thanks in advance!

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Why not use what you know? Since browsers can use local files with .html you could use what you know today. As to the clicker, I'm going to share I own a Satechi ST-BTRM1 which you could use or something else then your code does the usual on event to cut to your menu for the next html file.

However, many just forget the clicker idea and get a big touchscreen.

Tocuh screen won't work in this case, since a clicker is more accessible, with no need to tap the screen to change slides.

I'd prefer to find a programming solution instead of a web development one, but you are right, it should be possible. But I feel it's neater as a programme.

So let's say you want to write a slideshow app. I'll guess Windows is OK for this so go grab one of the free Visual Studio systems out there and them look up some slideshow code for the target language you want to use.

So that's done now you can extend that with the features you want. Or decide you want to create it from scratch.

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