I own a ecommerce web hosting comapny. I have a decent no of clients and there is no big break for the exposure or orders.

I have tried social media to benefit my business but i dont see any sales.

Can any help me out with this? i need to take this to next level.


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Well, as you seemed to be new over the market which means you need to start building your reputation at the first. And I guess you have taken a good way to do that too being active over social media is a good way to build your reputation, what you need to make sure is be regular with the updates try sharing something new you are offering what most of the new companies does is they give away freebies by running some contest to gain the user interest ! So, I would say you can try that too !

@lukaskille - question for you; are you monitoring the effectiveness of your efforts? To clarify, are your efforts reaching people and people just arent converting? Or are your efforts falling on deaf ears?

In the first scenario, things are relatively easy to diagnose. I am assuming that if you are proving successful with your current clients and that you are providing a niche set of web hosting services (most companies in that industry are because its so competitive). The problem probably has to do with your sales/marketing funnel. If people are truly seeing the ads/content but not converting then the problem lies with the way you are trying to convert them. Do you have a call to action on each blog post you are sharing on social media? Is your call to action placed in a good position? Is it clear what you want your potential client to do? Do the colors/layout of the call to action effective?

With the second possibility, which is that you are just being lost in a sea of other web hosts with bigger and better social media efforts you need to take a step back and look at what you are doing. Are your efforts targeted appropriately at the right audience? You may need to figure out who your existing customers are and re-target your SMM efforts to meet that same demographic to basically replicate the clients you have. But wait, maybe your content just sucks, maybe the right people are seeing it - but if the content isnt engaging, isnt personal or isnt better than your competitors - chances are it isn't drawing enough people in to begin the conversion process.

The last possibility which doesn't fall in any of the questions I previously asked is pretty remote but still possible; are your services good enough to continue to grow? And are they priced competitively? And I'm just being honest with you but if you aren't offering me anything over and above what I can get at godaddy or bluehost/EIG or any other big company - why would I pay more? Retailers everywhere are hurting in the physical world because the new generation of consumer do pricing research religiously. North America's retail market last holiday season experienced something like a 17% decline in sales revenues because of this. Bottom line if a potential customer sees my hosting package versus godaddy's - which one are they going to pick?

  • improve the number of items you offer
  • increase the advertisements
  • make sure you have better products compared to your competition
  • provide a better service then any other store
  • keep your prices low

Hire a staff of 2/3 members and join renowned web hosting forums and ask them to participate in the discussions. This way you can raise awareness of your brand to the people.

It can help if you're active on some of the web hosting forums and also forums from the niches which use web hosting and help people who have issues with their current hosting or just looking for tips how to pick the right one.

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