Hi Dw.

Long time ago I think late last year my computer was infected and I had installed a VM from Oracle and had a number of OS(VMs) installed one of them was with Win7 but I don't know what happened one day, when I open the VM it was blank as if its new there is now VM instance that has been installed. When I went on the folder where its keeps these instances I saw that they are still there and when you double click that orange file it opens the VM with the instance.

Now the problem is that ever since that happened, my VM instance especially the one that has Win7 do recognize the RW DVD but it says it has 0 free space. Every external device I try to connect its doesn't allow me to copy a file from an instance into a removable media.

I really need a solution to this problem. There is a very important file I want to copy. I no longer have it as backup, this file is on my VM win7 but can't copy it. Also USBs now do not show on My computer within this VM win7 instance.

Is there a solution with perhaps a step by step guide. I'm using Home Basic in both Guest and host machines so I can't do folder sharing.

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Small world. I decided to work around this and used a network share one time and the next time DropBox.

One file? Email it to yourself with say Gmail?

The biggest problem is that I've moved from where I was staying to another province and here I don't have internet connection. My phone doesn't allow me to connect my laptop via bluetooth so that I can be able to access internet.

The other solution requires a download so without an internet connection for this PC you just wiped out my other solutions. When you get your internet back, we can try again.

@rproffitt, Thanks just regained the internet connection. This mounting thing should I download it inside my Guest OS or Host? Also I'm not clear as to what is to be mounted here as well.

The last time I did this, it was on the host OS and I have to google it if I ever have to do this again. A little complicated but doable.

Thanks, just saw another post online which uses share folder and its was a tutorial guide and followed it buuuum it worked I am now able to share files within these two OSs. Thanks again.

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