hi everyone
I am a beginner in vb.net programming and I realized a QCM implementation for my final project study.
I have two combobox the 2nd is based on the first and I want to filter the data of the first combo for the 2nd combo displays information related with 1 combo
I have a data base which will connect the two combo
please help me with the code
thank you

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As you read in these forums it's rare to get others to write code for you. You get to write the code and then tell where you need help on a few lines.

Here you have the beginning of your specification but no app or code.

Break down your specification to small steps. Code each step. Design your system, implement it and then you should be done. But if it fails, it's either the design on maybe you didn't know the language could do something. Right now your post sounds like you are searching for someone to write it for you. If so, your are now a business in search of programming staff.

I would use ListBox instead of combobox

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