I w'd like tom Download Turbo C (window version). Can any one sugget any site,

thank in advance :confused:

I think this is a little late for you but maybe some other people want to download ;)

try this link http://forum.mousavi.net/showthread.php?t=3

Please don't try to awaken dead threads. Reads the Rules & Regulations. It's annoying for us. On top of that, Turbo C is BAD and showing novices path to destruction is even worse.

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When will this be locked, or better yet - deleted!

I'm pretty sure there isn't much of value which could to added to this thread. Locking it to prevent more shaman interference seems like a sane decision.

For those who have come to this thread via a search engine and are starting out with C, I'd recommend reading the Starting C thread for a list of compilers/IDE.

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