hello there...im new in c++, i need your help with this one...i want to create a program that will create an .ISO image file. the user will be asked to input all the files that he wants to compress..i just want to know what topic in c++ i will study for this program...to further elaborate, let me show to you what i mean...



1 - Enter file to be compressed
0 - Exit

//user enters 1

Enter filename: sex.txt

Another file (y/n)?

//user enters y

Enter filename: blah.bmp

Another file (y/n)?

//user enters n

your files: sex.txt, blah.bmp

Compress to ISO(y/n)?

//user enters y

enter file name for ISO: example


successful! - example.iso

press enter to return to main menu


something like that...i just want to show the interface for you to know what i mean...

what do i need to study in order i can make this application?

just need your tutorials....thanks :twisted:

>im new in c++
So why the heck are you trying to create such an advanced program? Solidify your C++ knowledge first, then go ahead and tackle a project like this.

uhmm, i already have a concept, i have experienced programming in java...i know basics of c++...i have no time to study the very core because i have a deadline to catch...

Well... I can't seem to find any ISO compression library on the net (although probably one exists somewhere out there). Probably the easiest to learn how is to look at the *nix tool dd which can create ISO images.

I even found a port of the Windows version, so copying the code that it uses to generate an ISO image should make this really easy (only restriction will be that you have to release your program under the GPL if you copy+paste the code).


thanks man, i'll try it...

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