In Visual Studio 2015, under Windows 7, I've created a VB application that fills a Checked Listbox with file names from one of my folders.
Some of the file names contain an underscore character but when shown in the listbox, that character
is replaced with a space. In the code, when I select that item and move its contents to a labelbox, the underscore shows up.
Is there a simple Tool > Option I'm missing in set up? (I've read about textblock and not at all happy with that solution.)

Thank you,

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I believe I've found the culprit. The Courier New (10) font for some reason won't show the underscore (space instead) but if I change the font to Microsoft Sans Serif,
the underscore displays. Looking for an answer but this post should probably be closed.

Now, I need help closing this thread.

Here we mark the thread solved. I did that for you.

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