Hi all,
I have a little script which i want to execute on "Alt Tab" keypress. I made this script as an exe file.
All i want to do is to execute this script/exe when i press alt tab in my pc. Do i need to use SetWindowsHookEx or is there any thitd party tools available for this ?
Additional info
Scripting language - AutoIt. (Want to rewrite it in vb.net also)
OS - Windows 7 64 Bit
What the script does -

  1. It Checks and ensure a specific window is top in z order
  2. If yes, then it simulates a mouse double click on that window (on a specific location)
  3. When it clicks, a new edit control will be created.
  4. My script reads the text in that edit control and write it to an INI file.

I would strongly advise against doing that. Alt-Tab is a basic Windows function and I can't imagine that you would want to override that except for some underhanded purpose.

commented: Thanks for the reply, But this necessary for me. +3

Nothing good can come of this. I doubt anyone will help you hijack standard Windows keypresses.

If you want help, explain in detail why.